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Things To Remember For Event Planning

Planning an event is not as easy as it looks. You need to keep in mind many different aspects of the event, and any mistake could have serious repercussions. It is vital that you maintain a checklist to make sure you do not miss out on anything. So here are a few things that are most important when planning an event.

1. The purpose of the event
Surprisingly, when asked about the purpose of holding an event, the organizers too seem to be a bit unclear about it. You and your team need to know exactly why such an event is being held, be it fundraising for a new construction, launching of a new product or even a fundraiser for a charity event. If your event lacks a defined objective, it may lose out on the result of it.

2. The invitees
For whom do you intend to have this event? Sit down and prepare a list of invitees so that you don’t miss anyone. Carefully select invitees; is your event for the general public or only high end business peers who are potential donors. Defining your target audience is crucial.

3. Get the word out
Use your team to brainstorm and come up with great ways to approach your target audience. These days people are stuck on social media and emails so electronic marketing means could be the best way. You can also use print media such as newspaper ads, posters, flyers etc.

4. Overall logistics
Food, parking, music etc. should be taken care of. Parking and traffic control may seem like petty issues but on the day of the event if a problem comes up, you might not be ready for it. So better think about them now. Also, decide on what food you will serve and what kind of music will you play.

5. Engaging the guests at the event
You’ve got them down but how to keep them entertained? You might’ve organized a cocktail party but it wouldn’t hurt to bring down a high profile speaker for a few-minute speech. You must have organized a few games during team bonding ideas in Singapore so why not try some of them out here too? You need to balance the kids and adults both at the event so have some exciting surprises planned.

6. Staffing of the event
You need to manpower your event well so get your team together. Do some corporate team bonding activities so that they are comfortable with each other. A good relationship among them is vital since all of them need to work together and having a set of unhappy employees is the last thing you need.

7. Giveaways
It would be nice if you could arrange for a giveaway at the end of the event so that it may be a pleasant gesture to say thank you for attending. You could give them customized corporate gifts such as pens, diaries, key-tags etc. with your brand name on it so that even when they go home, they would have some memory of the event.