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Long Term Fixes For Poor Follicles

Those who cannot boast long luscious locks are going to have to realize that eventually, the quick fixes and short term changes do not work; something more permanent and long term has to be done in order to see real results. Remember that this is a problem many men and women face every day so here are the long term things you can do to get rid of follicle anxiety:

Talk to the Doc
Sure your salon is going to recommend all kinds of shampoos and spritzes but it is possible that your locks are not growing due to an unknown medical condition. It could also be a hereditary factor. In order to get to the root of the problem – literally – talk to a specialist and figure out whether you are receiving enough nutrition or whether you have some other disease that causes your head to thin out a bit. A doctor will assign you specific or general health supplements in Singapore according to your problem and over time it will take care of your problem.

No Compromises
One of the problems is that there is so much choice in merchandise out there when it comes to taking care of our bodies. The cheaper they are, the less likely they are to actually help because effective ingredients cost a lot. Of course, there are also certain shampoos and conditioners that cost the earth but don’t actually work. So don’t compromise; only buy the best haircare products and try to get one that is medically approved.

A Healthy Life
Whether we like it or not, our teeth, nails and our hair are an indication of our overall health. So it is beneficial to stop any self-destructive behaviour such as smoking or drinking too much. Instead try to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine, along with foods that contain nutrients that are good for growing your locks and keeping them shiny. Fibrous foods, omega-3 and other such nutrients help with this. Avoid water that has way too much chlorine in it as it can damage your follicles. If you do not have access to any other source of water, buy yourself a plastic water tank that can sit on a flat surface and connect your house’s plumbing to that. This way the chlorine will either vaporize or settle at the bottom.

So take good care of yourself and you will see that effort reflected in your body.