Adding Character To A Living Room

Posted on April 4, 2017 By

If your living room looks boring and colourless, don’t fret. Here are some easy, affordable ways you could brighten it up.

Comfortable seatingIf you’re tired of your old couches and sofas, liven up your space with some new home furnitures. Don’t worry if you can’t afford to purchase new pieces right away. You could instead think about upholstering your existing furniture. Choose patterns and colours which will suit the theme of your living room, whatever it may be. Also throw in some cushions which will provide extra soft and add a pop of colour to your sofas. This one is optional; but having a throw blanket is also a great idea for a movie night with friends.

Standout piecesAnother way to touch up your living room is to get some interesting new pieces that will attract interest. These could be anything. You could think about setting up a statement mirror over your mantelpiece for a classy look. Or perhaps you could get a comfy sofa bed which your guests will adore. Plants are known to liven up any room they are in too, literally. They will increase oxygen and add freshness. If you prefer flowers instead, have an attractive floral arrangement on your coffee table or on a side table.

Drapes and rugs/carpetsNew drapes and rugs will give any living room a facelift. If your furniture and walls are neutral toned, colourful drapes are sure to brighten them up. You could choose your drapes according to the style you want too. Lace or linen will suit a vintage or rustic style, while silk and damask will suit a more luxurious room. When choosing a rug or carpet, get one with a soft feel and a pleasing texture. It should also complement your colour scheme.

Personal touchesYour living room will look too formal if you don’t give it a few personal twists of your own. Thus, you could add various items to make it look more lived in. Family photographs are a great idea to put on display and will attract your guests’ attention. You could either have these framed and hung on your wall or arranged neatly on a cabinet or mantelpiece. Other items include paintings and artwork, ornaments or mementoes you might have collected on trips, greeting cards and books. If you’re a bookworm, you could have a shelf stocked with your favourite reads as well.

With a few changes here and there to your living room, you can achieve a stylish, personal and personable look!

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