Figuring Out Appropriate Presents

Posted on January 31, 2017 By

There are so many different social events that we attend where we are expected to take a little something to the host or hostess. Each event however has a different agenda and different criteria for gifts. How do we decide what to take? Here is a quickie guide to help you out.

What Is It About?Every social event has a point, or purpose to it. You may be celebrating something, commemorating something, or simply meeting and greeting old friends and acquaintances. Knowing what the event is for and about helps you decide what is appropriate. If your friend is pregnant and you are looking for gifts for baby shower, then you know that taking a bubble bath and lotion set for your friend is not enough; you have to take the purpose of the event into consideration, which is to celebrate the coming of a new child by giving presents that will help the parents prepare for it.

Who Is the Centre, the Focus?Depending on what the event is, there will be one or more persons who are the focus of the entire function. If it is a birthday party then there it will be the person whose birthday is being celebrated. If it is a victory party, it will be the team that won. So in addition to thinking about the purpose, you also have to think about the person or persons who receive the gift. Some, like an infant in a baby shower will not care about the newborn baby gift that the guests bring; others like the honouree of an award ceremony definitely will because they are old enough to understand.

Where Will the Event Be Held?Don’t forget that your choices for appropriate presents will be constrained by your mode of transportation to the place where the event is going to be held, so make wise choices. You cannot possibly take a giant blow up doll to embarrass your mate at a birthday party, if the party is going to be held in a public restaurant; not only will society frown on you, your friend might quite possibly disown for you for humiliating him. Also, if you are taking the train to a friend’s place for a meet and want to take a box of cupcakes, you will have to let one or the other go.

So, when deciding on the kind of presents you can take, remember that you will have to consider the point of the event, the tastes of the host or hostess of it and where it is being held in order to get the most appropriate gift.

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