Getting A Head Start In Medicine

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If you are interested in pursuing a career in medicine, it is smart to prepare as early as possible. Even if you are still in high school, do not delay. You should not only perform well in academics and aim to get into medical school but also have an idea of what area of medicine you want to specialize in.

Build a foundation in Science
In order to do this, you will of course need to have a solid foundation in Science and Math. Therefore, take as many classes as you can in these subjects, most importantly in Biology and Chemistry. Medical school admission requirements often look for these subjects. You could also involve yourself in internships or programs such as the Johns Hopkins summer medicine program or take an advanced placement class that allows you to earn college credit. This will also expose you to the field and help you decide on whether you want to pursue medicine as a career in the future.

Develop good study habits
This is an important one. Medical school can be extremely challenging and tough, so you will need to be a hard worker who can keep to deadlines and make effective use of your time. Even the best students can struggle in medical school, so if you have been getting by with minimal work, you should consider changing your habits.

Extracurricular activities
Studies alone will not help you get far, as most colleges and Medical school admission panels look for extracurricular activities as well. Being an all-rounder is just as important as being a good student. Therefore, make the most of your time in school by participating in activities available to you, such as the national youth leadership forum. This will also help you decide on what you want to do once you enter college and give you a broader perspective. If you are interested about national youth leadership forum you can visit this site

Gain exposure
If you want to know what to expect in the medical field or are curious to learn about what its like to be a doctor, do your own research. If you know someone who is a medical student or a doctor, do not hesitate to ask him or her for guidance and advice. You could also ask about and join a medical or summer program or volunteer in the field. Certain local hospitals, clinics and ambulance companies may accept high school students as volunteers.

Preparing early for a career in medicine will help you get far but don’t become too focused and forget to explore your interests outside academics, which is what being a student is about.

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