Making Your Guest House A Success

Posted on May 8, 2017 By

Big hotels aren’t the only places doing booming business in this tourist explosion. If anything, more and more travellers are forsaking the large international hotel chains in favour of smaller boutique hotels, guest houses and the ‘authentic’ local experiences they offer. Most travellers are also on a tight budget, so they usually opt for the B&BS that keep their prices realistic.

Not all guest houses are lucky enough to do solid business however. Some start out with a bang and then die a quick death. If you want to make your guest house a success, here are the things you need to do.

Learn the TradeSure, you can wing it for a while, but running a guest house isn’t like running your average board and lodging place for urban workers. There are standards you need to adhere to and finances to manage. Look into some hospitality courses that you can easily follow and learn all that the industry has to offer – then make it your own. Remember, the guests don’t come to you to get an authentic chain hotel experience. But they will prefer to be treated like they are at one. There are many things that you need to offer, from folding the linen a certain way, to changing the sheets every 1-2 days and even replacing toiletries. Make an effort and reap the rewards.

Avoid Being GenericBig hotels face the accusation that every branch is absolutely the same. In fact, every room is the same. This may be a plus for the travelling businessman, but it is not so for the intrepid traveller looking for Experience with a capital E. Customize your guest house and have a theme. It can be rustic, vintage, ultra-modern, space themed… either one is fine but stick to one and make it an experience. Design the rooms, furniture, linen, logo and even a menu and drinks around it so that guests can experience the full package. Most best WSQ courses in Singapore related to the industry offer advice on how to plan a guest experience so use that wisdom to your advantage.

Market YourselfAdvertising has never been more democratic and user-friendly. Use all the online social media platforms available to you and market yourself mercilessly. Naturally, the better your service is, the more willing your guests will be to leave customer feedback all over the internet. Give them all the necessary help and incentives to do so. Leave placards in their rooms with info on your various social media pages; use QR codes to link them directly to travel sites that list your property; encourage them to take pictures and share them while tagging you. The more they share, the better off you will be. Once you are social media savvy, look into hiring a professional service that can increase traffic to your place by advertising you on search engines as well.

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