Promote Your Event With Live Images

Posted on April 12, 2017 By

There is nothing more engaging than having images and videos of your event to engage your audience as it occurs. While building hype about an upcoming event is important, that is not where your event coverage needs to be ended. Once you have built an interest, following up with it and allowing followers to experience what is going on is crucial to increase impact and association with an event.

Live coverage of the event
Whether it is a product promotion or launch or someone’s birthday or marriage, any event can be covered live and uploaded to an online viewing platform. If you hire an instant photo booth in Singpaore you will also get professional photography or videography services. As a result you can get live coverage of the event happenings and get the same uploaded to social media sites. This is especially useful if you have a captive audience online or have online viewers waiting to witness the event through an online portal. Many photo booth services come with a live screen option. Here an LCD display is put up where the images are showcased as well as the video is shown, whatever is being clicked or uploaded or event happenings that are being recorded.

Images and hashtags
Hashtag uploads and prints are the latest buzzword and it can help you promote your event as well. With a unique hashtag created for your event, you can encourage guests and others associated with the event to upload images under that. If you hire a photo booth service the company will ensure that shoots made for the event are uploaded under that hashtag. What’s more, you could even get other images or photos uploaded under a hashtag printed for promotional purposes or for creating unique moments of your event.

Plan the right coverage today
If you are wondering how to plan it all, you can leave it to the experts. Many professional photographers have expertise in shooting for different events and campaigns. They will help you plan to cover an event as per its sequence or occurrence through a combination of live videos or images as well as connecting with social media services. With the right plan in place it will help your event to get the right attention in time as well as help to engage target customers or viewers as an event progresses as well as after it is over. With giveaways and promotional prints and items on offer, a professional photographer or photo booth service will make your event coverage and promotion complete with the right impact.

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