Tips On Helping Your Child Get Better Grades At School

Posted on May 1, 2017 By

Are you a parent worried about your child’s low grades in school? Do you feel helpless, because you don’t know how to help your child? Are you willing to make a few changes if it means better grades at school?

If we got an enthusiastic “YES!” from you for the above questions, then the below tips and suggestions are just for you…!

• Pay attention – to everything he says when he talks about his day. What he does with his friends, how he feels about certain teachers (why he feels that way) and even to what he likes to do when he doesn’t have to study. Paying attention can help you identify the problem or the root of their distraction from studies.

• Homework is compulsory – there’s a reason why your child is given homework. Make sure he completes it, every day. If he cannot seem to handle it by himself, make yourself available to help him out. Tutor him, yet make sure he does it on his own; no matter how irritatingly slow he is at it.

Note: after a certain age, we know it’s hard to teach children. In this case, opt to hire a qualified tuition teacher in Singapore for their weak subjects, or those subjects you have difficulties helping him out. Remember that the internet is also an option.

• Find the most affective time, place and method for them to study – it’s important that you identify the times your child’s concentration is at its best. Likewise, it’s also important that you find the perfect spot for him to study from; preferabally a place with the least amount of distractions.

• Reduce the morning chaos and always do breakfast – if your mornings are unorganized and chaotic, then no doubt your child is leaving home feeling frazzled. He is also most probably skipping breakfast. Being hungry can automatically make studying and concentrating hard for your child; so, make sure he gets a proper breakfast every day. For this, a little preplanning the night before is necessary.

• Knowing when it’s time to stop pushing – it’s important to remember that in order to help them get better grades, you need not make them study at every waking moment. As children, the free time and play time that they get actually helps them concentrate better, and also develop certain characteristics. Give them their time.

• Naps and night sleep – most children now-a-days barely get enough sleep. Proper sleep will not only keep them healthier, but it will also help them concentrate and remember things better, and also be more creative. If possible, (re)introduce napping to your child’s schedule; as this too has many benefits.

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