What Are The Best Surfaces To Print Posters On?

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Printing is a process used to convey messages to people, to type books or even to simple explore the creative side of someone. So when and where does this come into play in the life of an ordinary man? Imagine yourself up against an assignment deadline of submitting a poster, what is the first thing that you do once you are done designing and developing it? You simply find a place to get it on a paper from. Therefore, what are the types of paper that people use in order to fulfil this task? Have a look below.

Zeppelin semi glossWhile there are many surfaces of paper that you have probably heard of, this article focuses more on those that you haven’t. While matte s more of a common type that is used in printing, semi gloss paper is considered to look much richer in appearance and has a glossy effect on the surface. It is one of the main reasons for it to be used in poster printing nowadays. So, what is zeppelin semi gloss paper? It is known to be the only double sided paper available for semi gloss printing. Therefore, take note all you photographers and artists for this information may be of use to you.

MatteMatte papers in contrary to the previously mentioned one, hardly has any glossy effect or maybe even none at all. This is considered to be a good surface for poster printing that can present sharp details along with bright colours. Therefore, not having the reflection may not always be a downside as this does give its fair share of assistance to the printing department as well.

Aurora artDid you know that this paper is made completely with 100% cotton? Yes! This is why aurora art is the best for you to use in printing fine art and not things like signage in Singapore. These can even be used for museums that require high quality paper due to its premiere quality, appearance and feel. Also, there are two main types of aurora art, namely aurora art natural and aurora art white.

Choose the right oneWhile you are at the advantage of using any of the aforementioned papers for your printing purposes, it is important to keep in mind that you select the surfaces that best suits your purpose. For example, you do not need to use aurora art for a school project poster as you will only be using it for a few minutes or hours. Therefore, chose wisely and make it worth!

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